Each one of us has the capacity to initiate change. But effecting long-term, sustainable social change takes every one of us working together to achieve the kind of results that move people from poverty to possibility, allow children and youth to realize their full potential and that build stronger communities.

Social issues like poverty, homelessness and hunger don’t impact just a few of us. They impact all of us. For example, poverty leads to poor health which ultimately costs Canadians billions of dollars a year. That’s why it’s so important that we work together to find solutions to today’s most pressing social issues so that everyone in our communities can enjoy a better quality of life.

If you have the passion and commitment to inspire social change in your community, consider one of the following ways you can take action to create opportunities for better lives:

  • Join the Young Leaders Council, a group of active and emerging community leaders, 20-35 years of age.
  • Participate as an active member of one of our three advisory councils.
  • Step forward and volunteer to be a United Way workplace campaign ambassador. Lead your organization’s fundraising efforts as part of our annual Community Fund campaign.
  • Share your story through our Speakers Bureau program. If you have benefited from United Way’s programs and services in the past, help others understand the importance and impact of United Way is to hear how it has personally affected members of our community.
  • Encourage your business or organization to support the work of the United Way through a Workplace Campaign.