The Chinese Advisory Council (CAC) was established in 2006. It assists United Way in understanding the needs and challenges of Peel’s Chinese community and in building strong community relationships. The formation of the Chinese Advisory Council is part of a broader United Way initiative to foster and build relationships within ethno-specific communities in Peel. The Council is a volunteer group of people of Chinese descent living or working in Peel Region. Council members come from a variety of regions, including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and others.

Chinese Advisory Council Activities

In keeping with its mandate, the Council focuses its work on researching and raising awareness of issues and challenges within the Chinese community, promoting understanding of United Way and raising funds to support United Way’s work.

In September 2008 the Council released the report, The Needs and Challenges of the Chinese Community in Peel Region. The report is the result of a literature review and community forum conducted by the Council. The report contains six recommendations for organizations working with the Chinese community.

The Peel Chinese Community Service Hub, which opened in May 2010, was a recommendation based on the 2008 report. The United Way of Peel Region’s Chinese Advisory Council is part of a collaborative group helping to enhance access to programs and services for Peel’s Chinese Community through the Hub.

Supporting Peel’s Chinese Community

United Way of Peel Region supports over 100 programs and services provided by social service agencies in Peel. Many of these agencies offer services in Chinese, including:

  • Carefirst Seniors and Community Services Association
  • Catholic Cross-Cultural Services
  • Catholic Family Services of Peel-Dufferin
  • Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
  • Peel Multicultural Council
  • Peel Senior Link
  • Spectra Community Support Services
  • The Cross-Cultural Community Services Association

Get involved!

Contact Jenny Qin at 905-602-3628 or email to find out more.

chinese fact sheet 2016 17 1List of members

Nelly Gong

Honourary Chair
Josephine Bau

Crystal Liu
Jin Xu
Kathy Chan
Rena Lu
Shirley Cheng
Sophie Duan
Virginia Lawrence
Yeung Lau