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IMPACT SERIES: This Agency Empowers Newcomers with Resources to Flourish in Peel Region

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IMPACT SERIES: This Agency Empowers Newcomers with Resources to Flourish in Peel Region

Are you new to Peel Region? This talented agency enables an abundance of newcomers to connect to Canadian values. They offer English language training, employability services, and settlement services, accommodating for newcomers across all generations.

Drumroll, please, for this incredible agency!

Community connections, employment searches, English training, counselling, co-op and volunteering, and starting a business – that’s a quick snapshot of the awesome, important work the Newcomer Centre of Peel does for the community.

Here’s what their Project Facilitator, Mahua Das, has to tell you:

“The Bridging Generations Program is a United Way-funded Parenting Program at the Newcomer Centre of Peel. As the Project Facilitator, I am able to bring families together to form support groups where newcomer parents can exchange experiences and ideas about the challenges of moving to a new country and raising a family in a new environment.

The Bridging Generations Program is part of United Way’s All That Kids Can Be stream, which focuses on poverty reduction and assisting parents and youth to access a variety of services, community centres, physical and mental health assistance and after school programs.


The goal of this program is to conduct workshops for newcomer parents and youth to educate them about life in Canada, cultural differences, positive parenting styles, Canadian laws and policies, youth related topics such as bullying, relationships and dating, and employment. Through this program, we also form partnerships with other organizations like the Family Education Centre and the Region of Peel, as well as the Parenting Circle with NCP staff. This allows our clients to have exposure to a variety of workshop facilitators, as well as a myriad of topics to choose and learn from.

The reason I love being part of this program is because I get to meet a diverse group of newcomer families of different ethnic backgrounds and different life experiences, who are looking to form a network of friends in their communities.

These individuals are often vulnerable and isolated, and programs such as Bridging Generations help bring people together into positive learning environments, and create an opportunity for them to have the next generation of Canadians become productive members of society.  Being the person who helps facilitate new relationships between these families is extremely rewarding. This Parenting Program is an essential part of our clients’ experience at the Newcomer Centre of Peel.

Programs such as this one are very important as they aim to build better, stronger and healthier communities. United Way makes this a reality.  It is important that we welcome newcomer families with open arms and support them as they settle into their new roles in their new environment, in their new home.” 

When you give to United Way, you allow the Newcomer Centre of Peel to run their programs across the community!

Register for our Campaign Kick-off on September 15 here.

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