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Ink Movement Mississauga Develops Young, Artistic Talent Through Time Capsule Conference

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Ink Movement Mississauga Develops Young, Artistic Talent Through Time Capsule Conference

Yesterday, we found out what Girls Empowerment Movement has been doing for youth in our community thanks to Youth in Action Grants.

Whether or not you got to check out yesterday’s post, these grants are an opportunity focused on youth-led projects to address community issues in Peel Region. In 2016, $15,000 was funded by United Way of Peel Region and distributed to 10 youth-led projects through this granting opportunity.

Saturday is International Youth Day, and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight some of the incredible projects youth in our community implemented in the past year.

Here’s what Ink Movement Mississauga has been up to!

Time Capsule

Ink Movement Mississauga is a non-profit organization aiming to provide youth with opportunities to develop their artistic talents through fun and engaging programs. We have established a strong rapport with the Mississauga youth community and are committed to strengthening this relationship through our future projects. We are proud to share that since our inception in May 2012, we have published four print books of artwork by local youth, the Mississauga Youth Anthology, Volumes I, II, III & IV. Every year, we also organize our annual youth arts conference in the Peel Region. This year, we worked with the United Way of Peel and the Art Gallery of Mississauga in hosting our fourth annual conference, Time Capsule, on June 11, 2017.

The theme of the conference was, “Art through the Passage of Time”, with each of the workshops representing unique art forms from around the globe and how they were used to create social change in the past. Our goal was to educate attendees on various forms of art, and then have students work together with workshop facilitators to create artwork for display at the end of the conference.  

The conference was organized by Amna Zia and Rana Al-Fayez, grade 11 students at Glenforest Secondary School. Youth from all over Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, and even as far as Niagara had taken the time to come to this conference– the Glass Pavilion, located at the Central Library of Mississauga, was as packed as a busy downtown café! As always, there were also some familiar faces, who had come out to Ink Movement’s previous events, such as the Poetry Slam and the annual Youth Anthology Launch. There were a fair share of visual artists, who were mainly excited for the Turkish Water Marbling and the Comic Book Art workshops. Then there were the creative writing enthusiasts, who had come for the Spoken Word Poetry workshop, and lastly, the dancers and music lovers, who were excited for the Hip-hop and STOMP Music workshops.

We would like to proudly thank United Way of Peel Region for considering us to be a recipient of the YIA grant, this conference could not have been possible without their generous contribution! We look forward to extending their legacy by continuing to introduce projects that mentor youth and enable them to explore their artistic creativity. As Ink Movement is one of the main organizations in Mississauga that advocates for artistic expression, this conference was crucial for getting our message out to the public.

By working with speakers and established artists, youth learned skills that are applicable to their interest, and discovered the impacts of art through history, specifically how art can be used to create social change. We also inspired youth to be more open-minded towards the arts, since many have been exposed to cultures that regard the STEM fields as the most desirable and profitable. Changing this mindset will open many doors to youth who wish to pursue a career or make a difference through the arts – as one of the main ideas that our facilitators addressed was the provocation of social change through the arts.

          - Uswa Zahoor, President of Ink Movement Mississauga 

These grants would not be possible without you, and they are truly changing the lives of youth in our community!

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