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Our funded agencies are awesome: a spotlight on Godwin Darkwah

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Our funded agencies are awesome: a spotlight on Godwin Darkwah

In June at the 2016/17 Annual General Meeting, we recognized several outstanding individuals with the Bhayana Family Foundation Awards. These awards are peer-nominated honours that recognize extraordinary contributions made by front-line staff at our funded agencies. This recognition is made possible by the generous support of Madan and Raksha M. Bhayana and the Bhayana Family Foundation.

Nine individuals received awards this year, and we’d like to highlight one of the award winners.

Meet Godwin.

Godwin Darkwah received a Bhayana award for outstanding dedication in his work at Knights Table.

Knights Table is a food bank in Brampton, where staff provide meals, food, and services to help reduce poverty in Peel Region.

Godwin has worked at Knights Table for almost five years now. Since 2013, he’s been the Food Bank Coordinator and Supervisor, where he creates new methods for food security, coordinates food drives, and maintains the agency’s food and non-food (i.e. toiletries and other staples) supply. That’s just a few of the hats he wears.

“I love the fact that I have the freedom and ability to do multiple things and not just what my job title dictates,” says Godwin.

A life-changing part of Godwin’s work is that he advocates for client needs and refers them to programs in the community that are just right for them.  

“Our mandate is to serve and empower the vulnerable members of our community,” he says.

“Although we are mainly known as a food service provider, we do offer other social supports that allow us to empower our clients in different aspects of their lives, whether that’s around employment, food security, life skills, substance abuse, shelter or other issues they may be facing.

I have many stories but I’ll share a recent one.

Just last week, a 22-year-old female client came into our agency with concerns around her life, her boyfriend and substance abuse.

She was stuck in a toxic relationship that she felt was going to eventually lead to her demise and she wanted to change her life around.

After having a lengthy conversation, we both agreed that in order for her to change her life around she would have to deal with her substance abuse issues, and since her boyfriend seems to be her trigger, she needed to create some sort of separation between them.

She agreed and I was able to secure a bed for her at a youth shelter that can assist her with some of her concerns.

It’s been about a week since, and although I am not sure if she is doing well, the simple fact that I was able to help in some way makes me feel good inside.

And that’s the reason why I do this work.”

Godwin is clearly making a difference in our community. He’s been doing this important, front-line work to make our community a better place to live.

“Without United Way, a lot of the work we do would not be possible. United way is not only one of our major funders, but they also provide us with volunteer corporate groups.

Knights Table is only supported by a staff of seven individuals, so volunteerism is extremely important to keep our programs and services running,” he expresses.

Together, we can make an impact in Peel Region, one life at a time.

Great work, Godwin!

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