Your gift to the Community Fund improves the lives of people struggling in our community by providing immediate and lasting solutions that tackle poverty on many fronts. By supporting United Way of Peel Region you are

  • moving people from poverty to possibility
  • helping kids be all that they can be
  • building strong communities

Your donation has a big impact in Peel

  • $52 provides a youth with access to a drop-in program where they can safely interact with their peers and access community resources such as mental health supports, income supports, recreation and improved food security.
  • $52 provides an infant with a one-month support of formula
  • $52 provides a warm jacket to a child
  • $104 enables one woman who was the victim of abuse and domestic violence to participate in a support group with her children for eight weeks.
  • $120 provides one night of safe accommodation and crisis counselling to a homeless youth.
  • $140 enables 60 people experiencing mental health issues to participate in a peer support group
  • $208 will move a woman and her belongings from an abusive home to a safe place.
  • $260 provides counselling to help an individual overcome anxiety and depression.
  • $260 provides a child with interactive, recreational outings for one year, including healthy snacks and transportation, to help them build their social skills and self-esteem.
  • $325 provides 50 people with 20-minutes on the phone with a crisis counsellor.
  • $650 provides a family of four with food support for one year.
  • $650 provides a child with a school based mentor who will meet with them for one hour each week to help ensure the child’s social and academic success
  • $750 provides a woman and her two children with supplies such as dishes, linen, pots and pans, small appliances, cleaning supplies and kitchen essentials that are needed to set up a new permanent home.
  • $780 Provides three counselling sessions to three families dealing with parent/teen conflict.
  • $1,040 Provides one-on-one counselling to a youth struggling with complex issues such as homelessness, isolation, addiction, mental health and poverty.
  • $1,440 provides 24/7 counselling to a woman who has been abused and her three children during their four-month stay at a shelter.
  • $1,170 provides a child with a tutor and nutritional snack every week for a year.
  • $2,121 allows 60 new parents to attend a 10-week parenting program.
  • $5,000 provides five children with access to a daily homework club and a snack for the school year.

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