A4-resources agencies

United Way fulfills its role as a community builder by responding to community needs. Currently, United Way invests in 91 programs and services offered throughout 54 community agencies in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. This funding allows agencies to engage in long-term planning, innovation and to remain flexible in responding to the changing needs of our community.

Before an agency receives funding for a program or service it is carefully assessed by our Allocations Committee. In this process, volunteers and staff assess agencies according to strict performance standards related to collaboration, accessibility, capacity building, effectiveness and accountability. Requests for funding must also be aligned with one or more of United Way's funding priorities.

United Way takes pride in being a flexible, strategic community builder, responding to priority and emerging needs in the community. It acts in partnership with other funders as well as other community stakeholders in responding to the growing and complex needs of clients in Peel.