Training and Consulting Services maintains a resource library of current literature that covers a broad range of subjects. From Human Resources to Fund Raising Techniques to Board Governance to Successful Meetings, we have many publications available to agencies on request.

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Resources cover a variety of topics including the following:

Publication Author Category
Date Published
Description of Publication
Learning In Adulthood Adult Learning
Provides a comprehensive overview of all that is known about adult learning - including the context in which adult learning takes place, what the participants learn and why, the nature of the learning process itself, and the issues relevant to the practice of adult learning.
101 Great Games & Activities Arthur Van Gundy Adult Learning
An extremely comprehensive manual for use by trainers or managers to accomplish specific learning tasks. Made up of very specific activities which are focused on subjects, this book will assist anyone in producing professional results. Topics range from diversity to career development to change management to creativity to interviewing. $0 contributors have brought their own successful experiences to this book.
Energize Your Audience! - 75 Quick Activities that get them started and keep them going Lorraine L. Ukens Adult Learning
The key word here is "quick". While there are tons of books containing icebreakers and energizers, many of the activities are too involved for the limited time available. This book solves that problem.
Hands-On Training - A Simple and Effective Method for On-The-Job Training Gary R. Sisson Adult Learning
A simple 6-Step process for identifying effective, affordable On-The-Job training. Easy to read, understand and implement.
Peel Literacy Guild - Tutor Training Resource Manual Adult Learning
Training manual for literacy tutors
Reinventing Government - How the Entrepreneurial Spirit is Transforming the Public Sector Bureaucracy
The new gospel of good government..chronicles the efforts of hundreds of government officials to bring business technologies to public service.
Flawless Consulting - A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used Peter Block Business
This book actually describes and demonstrates ways of behaving with clients. Block uses illustrative examples, case studies and exercises, and commentary on pitfalls to demonstrate the concepts of consultant integrity and interpersonal dynamics.
Business of Listening, The Diane Bone Business
From the Fifty Minute Series, a practical guide to effective listening. Improve your personal productivity through better listening
Shifting Gears Nuala Beck Business
Shifting Gears will help you take advantage of the opportunities that exist now, anticpate trends, and give you a leg-up for the exciting times ahead. Deals with the transformation to the New Economy.
Pursuit of WOW!, The Tom Peters Business
Take a leap beyond excellence. Peters wants to give you the words, the tools, to survive in the tumultuous nineties. Organized into more than 200 thought and action provoking elements, from the importance of clean bathrooms to conversations with entrepreneurs creating markets where none existed before.
Excelerate - Growing In The New Economy Nuala Beck Business
Beck dispels the myth that the economic changes we've been experiencing will never end and provides a series of roadmaps for our future.
Success - Canadian Leaders Prepare for the Next Century James M. Gillies Business
This is a series of essays given at the Schulich School of Business, York University, given by individuals who have captured in both word and deed, excellence, leadership and innovative thinking. Among the contributors are Conrad Black, Joe Clark, Ted Rogers, Maurice Strong, Izzy Asper and Kenneth D. Taylor
Path - Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life, The Laurie Beth Jones Business
80/20 Principle - The Secret to Success by Achieving More With Less, The Richard Koch Business
The 80/20 Principle shows how we can achieve much more with much less effort, time, and resources, simply by identifying and focusing our efforts on the 20% that really counts. Although the 80/20 principle has long influenced today's business world, Koch reveals how the principle works and shows how we can use it in a systematic and practical way to vastly increase our effectivenesss, and improve our careers and our companies.
Growing Up Digital - The Rise of the Net Generation Don Tapscott Business
This eye-opening fact-filled book profiles the rise of the Net Generation which is using digital technology to change the way individuals and society interact. Tapscott shows how children, empowered by new technology, are taking the reins from their boomer parents and making inroads into all areas of society, including education, government and the economy.
Environmental Scan 2001 Brian Minielly Business
Report on training gaps in Peel-Dufferin-Halton
Most Effective Organization in the U.S., The Business
The Army's recently retired national commander is ready to share its secrets about organization, strategy,and working with a sense os mission. The Salvation Army is the model for doing business with a purpose. Peter Drucker states that, "No one even comes close to it with respect to clarity of mission, ability to innovate, measurable results, dedication, and putting money to maximum use."
Building Capacity In Nonprofit Organizations Capacity Building
A collection of three major articles; 1) Building Nonprofit Capacity - A Framework for Addressing the Problem 2) Strengthening Nonprofits - Foundation Initiatives for Nonprofit Organizations 3) Next Steps for Building Capacity in Nonprofit Organizations
Strengthening Nonprofit Performance: A Funder's Guide to Capacity Building Capacity Building
Funders who want to maximize their grantmaking are turning to capacity building - strengthening their grantees' ability to accomplish their missions.
Building The Capacity of Capacity Builders Capacity Building
Downloaded from internet
Dark Age Ahead Jane Jacobs Civilization
The most refreshing, provocative, stimulating and exciting study of urban problems. Crackles with bright honesty and common sense.
Essentials Of Committee Management, The Committees
Deals with the social and operational nature of committees in general and in detail. The intent is to improve the quality of committee output.
Getting People Together anon. Committees
Government guide to assist people getting together to form organizations, groups and committees.
How To Deal With Difficult People Communication
A 3 tape series on hard to handle and difficult people. One of the top rated videos and training tools on this subject.
How To Say It At Work Jack Griffin Communication
This is the only book you'll need to avoid the common verbal and nonverbal pitfalls that can derail an otherwise promising career. Learn how to overcome hostility, unfairness and indifference - yours and others.
So You Have Been Asked To "Do A Newsletter" Anthea Hoare Communication
A practical and concise guide to newsletter production for nonprofit organizations.
Canadian Co-operatives in the Year 2000 Community Leadership
In 24 essay spanning the history of the co-operative movement in Canada, this book focusses on the issue of how the Canadian co-operative movement undertakes and adjusts to change.
On The Road To A Better Way - Report Mike Balkwill Community Leadership
This project was undertaken to gain a better understanding of the Peel Region community, its needs and the role that United Way of Peel Region should play. This initiative sparked discussions and inspired solutions that focus on strengthening our community. It has provided us with knowledge, valuable input from our stakeholders and significant recommendations that will assist us in meeting our mission.
From The Ground Up - An Organizing Handbook for Healthy Communities Community Leadership
This handbook is designed to guide individuals, groups and coalitions that are organizing to make a difference in their communities using a Healthy Community process.
Up Your Computer Michael Asner Computing
An introduction to computing for non-technical people
Resolving Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations -the leader's giude to finding constructive solutions Marion Peters Angelica Conflict Resolution
A conflict resolution guide designed specifically for the unique characteristics of nonprofit and community organizations. includes worksheets, checklists and conflict resolution forms to help complete the process.
Keeping The Peace - Resolving Conflict In The Boardroom Marion Peters Angelica Conflict Resolution
Short, concise guide to assist nonprofits in resolving boardroom conflict. Covers board/staff, board/board and board/executive director relationships.
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service Lisa Ford Customer Service
A 3 part video series featuring Lisa Ford. Focus is on how customer service effects an organization and then how to improve it. This is considered one of the top training tools on this subject.
Raving Fans - A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service Customer Service
Written in the parable style , this work uses a brilliantly simple and charming story to teach how to define a vision, learn what a customer really wants, institute effective systems and make Raving Fan Service a constant feature - not just a another program of the month.
Preparing For A Changing World David Sharpe Demographics
Demographics, psychographics and the Canadian Nonprofit sector
Boom Bust & Echo 2000 - Profiting From the Demographic Shift in the New Millenium David K. Foot Demographics
Reveals Canada's demographic profile at the turn of the century when a new population shift will have profound implications for our economic and social life.
Charities and Not-for-Profit Employment Law Handbook Employment Law
The authors provide a concise and introductory overview of the changing face of employment law as it relates to charitable and non-profit organizations.
An introduction To Program Evaluation For Small Agencies Arnold J. Love Evaluation Research
This manual will acquaint the manager of a small agency with some basic concepts of program evaluation. This manual emphasizes practical useful tools.
Value In Evaluation - A Statement For Managers, The anon. Evaluation Research
A statement for managers on evaluation and its value.
Keeping On Track - An Evaluation Guide for Community Groups Evaluation Research
This is a guide written for community groups outlining a method of evaluation that has been developed especially for a range of non-profit community groups with a social change orientation.
Thinking About Program Evaluation Evaluation Research
This book provides an introduction to the variety of purposes for which evaluation research may be used and to the range of methods that are currently employed.
Internal Evaluation - Building Organizations from Within Arnold J. Love Evaluation Research
Guide to research methods used in internal evaluation processes.
Evaluation Handbook Anne C. Petersen Evaluation Research
Downloaded from the Foundation's website, explains the Foundations philosophy and evaluation approach.
Understanding The Early Years Evaluation Research
Three components, Program Inventory, Readiness to Learn Instrument, Community Mapping sturdy. Study done on Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood area of Mississauga
Complete Idiot's Guide To Meeting and Event Planning, The Event Planning
Will show you how to get the job done creatively, efficiently, and economically. In this Guide, you get: - The differences between meetings and events and how to plan accordingly. - The art of the deal - tips for negotiating with vendors and making contracts with hotels. - Meeting magic - from speakers to snacks, keeping everything on track. - Planning Zen - tips for overcoming Murphy's Law in any situation.
Discussion Leaders' Handbook anon. Facilitating
Government guide to assist people in running discussion groups.
Flip Charts - How to Draw Them and How to Use Them Richard C. Brandt Facilitating
Quick guide to drawing and using flipcharts.
Presentations Plus - Second Edition David A. Peoples Facilitating
Peoples shows how to develop and deliver an effective and exciting presentation based on his own success in business. Packed with all the strategies, guidelines and principles you will ever need to present, persuade and win.
Facilitation Skills for Team Leaders Facilitating
Even More Games Trainers Play - Experiential Learning Exercises Facilitating
A collection of fun-filled, imaginative exercises devoted to many of today's hottest business topics. Quality initiatives, worker motivation in customer service, teambuilding, icebreakers, brainteasers, group tasks, and session openeres and closers are included.
Red Hot Handouts - Taking the Ho Hum out of Handouts Dave Arch Facilitating
75 different ideas for trainers. Use it to create sculptures, optical illusions, puzzles or involving activities to enhance learning in your training classes.
Creativity Games For Trainers Dr. Robert Epstein Facilitating
A handbook of group activities for jumpstarting workplace creativity. Great for managers and other promoters of creativity. Book also includes reproducible handouts.
Secrets of Power Presentations Peter Urs Bender Facilitating
How to present with power. The one who knows how to present with power will always have a much better chance of having his/her ideas implemented. This book will give you the skills and the confidence to move past your fears and become a successful presenter.
Facilitating With Ease! Ingrid Bens Facilitating
A step-by-step guidebook with customizable worksheets on CD-ROM. If you need to facilitate productive, effective meetings with skill and authority, then this package is definitely for you. It contains easy-to-follow instructions, techniques and hands-on tools.
Big Book of Business Games - Icebreakers, Creativity Exercises and Meeting Energizers, The Facilitating
Contains dozens of group games and activities for managers and team leaders to use with employees etc., or for anyone to use with a sleepy audience. Includes Climate-setting, icebreakers and session openers, presentation boosters, Motivating your Group, Creativity and problem-solving, communications, listening and feedback activities, managing change, team-building exercises.
Presenting: Nonprofit Financials - An Overview of Board Fiduciary Responsibility Thomas A. McLaughlin Finance
BoardSource has created this book to help teach board members their financial responsibilities in an easy to understand manner. This on-screen presentation contains four parts that can be used in parts or as a whole, depending on the needs of the board.
Grass Roots Fundraising Book - How to raise money in your community, The Joan Flanagan Fundraising
Flanagan's eminently practical advice has been gleaned from hundreds of successful grasss roots organizations. Its comprehensive approach to the subject makes it an invaluable advisor for any organization.
Grantsmanship And Fundraising Armand Lauffer Fundraising
Lauffer present a thorough set of guidelines on grantsmanship, general fundraising, program design, resource development and their interrelationships in human service organizations.
Lost Ten Commandments of Fundraising, The Lyman Henderson Fundraising
A Human Relations Handbook for fundraisers!
Fundraising ll: Ready To Go John Fisher Fundraising
Government publication on fundraising techniques #8 of Handbooks For Voluntary Organaizations.
Fundraising l: Getting Ready John Fisher Fundraising
#7, Handbooks For Voluntary Organizations. Government publication to assist nonprofits in fundraising.
Fund Raising Brian O'Connell Fundraising
#7 in the Nonprofit Management Series
1990/1991 Canadian Directory to Foundations Norah McClintock Fundraising
Directory of Foundations as sources for funding in Canada.
Fundraising Audit - Improving the Fund Raising Effectiveness of Non-Profit, The Philip Levson Fundraising
The purpose of this book is to examine current trends in fund raiisng for non-profit organizations, identify the barriers to managing effective fund raising activities and to suggest how non-profits can improve their fund raising efficiency.
Improving Fundraising Performance Philip Levson Fundraising
Examines trends in fundraising for non-profit organizations, identify the barriers to managing effective fundraising activities and suggests how nonprofits can improve their funfraising efficacy.
Growing From Good To Great Judith E. Nichols Fundraising
Subtitled "Positioning your fundraising efforts for BIG gains", this book by Judith Nichols convinces the reader that people from different generations have different wants, different needs, different sources of satisfaction, different agendas and different views on philanthropy. Provides important insight and direction for community nonprofit organization managers and fund raisers from now on into the challenges of 2000 plus.
Raising of Money - Thirty-Five Essentials Every Trustee Should Know, The James Gregory Lord Fundraising
An excellent basic primer on fundraising targeted at voluntary organizations. Now in its 25th printing.
A is for Ask: A Fundraising Guide Betsy Clarke Fundraising
A grassroots guide to fundraising written specifically for schools. Has some excellent ideas for events and is written in a simple straight-forward manner.
Fundraising Planner - A Working Model for Raising the Dollars You Need, The Fundraising
Use The Fundraising Planner and learn how to: Create an effective overview plan, Formulate a calendar of events, mailings, and strategies to attract contributors, Draw fundraising ideas from financial data, Strengthen your donor and prospect lists, Survey your board to refine its mission, Produce a basic funding proposal and press kit, Prepare clear status reports for the board, development staff and key fundraising participants, Track progress toward your funding goal.
Successful Fundraising - A Complete Handbook for Volunteers & Professionals - 2nd Ed. Joan Flanagan Fundraising
Demystifies the fundraising process from beginning to end - from building your base up to the big gift - now and later. This is a how-to book that should answer every question, from the nuts and bolts of building a fundraising staff, to courting donations, to fundraising etiquette.
Fundraising For Dummies Fundraising
Loaded with tips to research and write winning grant proposals. Tried and true marketing techniques to catch contributors. Discover how to: Define your group's focus, Create a viable plan, Put together a board of directors, Find and train volunteers, Market via print and online, Promote yourself with the media.
Raising More Money - A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Lifelong Donors Terry Axelrod Fundraising
In easy to follow text, Raising More Money provides you with a painless, state-of-the-art system for growing exponentially your organization's base of individual donors. It provides a simple usable road map for getting off the treadmill of annual appeals and special events - and thriving in today's individual-centered fundraising environment.
Writing For A Good Cause - The complete Guide to Crafting Proposals and Other Persuasive Pieces for Nonprofits Fundraising