Past Youth in Action Grant Recipients

2017/18 Grants

In 2017/2018, United Way of Peel Region awarded $23,000 in grant money to 12 youth-led initiatives that focus on addressing community issues in the Peel Region.
Projects are separated into two streams. $15,000 has been awarded to eight youth-led projects that fall under the general grants stream to address community issues. $8,000 has been awarded to four youth-led projects that address the issue of financial literacy among youth.

The following programs received grants for 2017/2018.

General Grants

  1. AD ASTRA: Mindful or Mind full? will deliver a three-part mental health workshop series for 50 students at St. Francis Xavier along with a documentary of the entire process. The project aims to bring together school staff and students to create a learning environment that encourage self-regulation with practical strategies to regulate their emotions and tasks.
  2. Aspiring Youth Council will deliver a hackathon that focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics. The group aims to empower youth with regards to STEM and promote positive social networking and skills development.
  3. Didi project is a mentorship initiative that aims to create meaningful relationships between girls both young and old. The project will pair older girls with younger girls in a mentor/mentee relationship to help all girls realize their potential. The project Is geared towards girls of the diaspora.
  4. Girls Empowerment Movement’s Women in Motion project is a one-day workshop focused on reducing barriers for young women to get active. The workshop will promote healthier lifestyles and choices, with a holistic approach towards physical and mental wellbeing.
  5. Rise Above Adversity aims to bring awareness to community issues to inspire positive change. It’s a youth conference and a pitch for proposals on community issues that will give youth projects exposure to MPPs and other political members.
  6. Step Up: Crossing the Poverty Line will deliver a poverty simulation to youth that focuses on environmental, systemic, and structural barriers. The project aims to raise awareness on poverty in Peel and provide youth with a better understanding of what poverty looks like for individuals and families in Peel Region.
  7. Sustainable Peel is a one-day environmental conference for youth, by youth in Peel. The project will focus on a sustainability report from the United Nations, and at the conference, youth will discuss the strategies in which they can support a sustainable environment in Peel Region.
  8. Brampton Says will deliver workshops to high school students aimed at integrating forms of creative arts into mental health wellness improvement. The workshops will feature music from local musical artists, choreography as a meditative tool to mental wellness and will talk about the therapeutic elements and benefits of song writing.

Financial Literacy Grants

  1. Centsibility will deliver seven workshops on financial literacy in middle schools and high schools across Peel Region.
  2. Contrast will deliver a five-part workshop series aiming to empower youth with the financial knowledge needed as an entrepreneur in the creative arts industry. These workshops will focus on managing money, budgeting as a business, and budgeting as someone who is self-employed.
  3. Girls Empowerment Movement’s Proactivity Project Part Two is a one-day intensive, interactive workshop that focuses on financial literacy for high school students. The day will include hands-on activities, breakout sessions, and guest speakers on important financial topics, such as financial options available to post-secondary students.
  4. Operation Monopoly will deliver five financial literacy workshops to youth. Workshops will cover things like the difference between credit and debit, interest rates, and budgeting. Youth will test their knowledge in online learning modules and a financial game of Monopoly.

2016/17 Grants

In 2016, United Way of Peel Region awarded $15,000 in grant money to 10 youth-led initiatives that focus on addressing community issues in the Peel Region. The following programs received grants for 2016/17:

  1. Help the Homeless is an initiative focused on developing community workshops to raise awareness about mental health in the homeless population. Community members will then develop sub-initiatives that focus on variables stemming from mental health issues, such as fundraising events to raise donations for food cards, and information about resources and services offered in the community (i.e. various 24/7 crisis hotlines, mental health drop in locations, food banks, and transitional housing information).
  2. yWE TALK’s Mental Health Conference aims to educate, enlighten and spark discussion regarding mental health. It will encourage attendees to feel safe when approaching conversations regarding mental health and illness, and inspire them to lead these conversations and deliver key insights from the conference in their communities. The conference also aspires to connect Peel youth with local organizations to aid mental well-being, and guide them to adequate resources to explore in taking care of their mental health.
  3. Crossing the Poverty Line is a project that aims to change judgments and perception among youth with regards to youth in poverty living in the Region of Peel through a poverty simulation. Last year, the focus was on the financial aspect of living in poverty. This year, the focus will go beyond finances and will look at the environmental, systemic, and structural barriers that come with being a youth in today's world (e.g. mental health, school, transportation, jobs and various other aspects of life that youth face every day).
  4. Girls Empowerment Movement (GEM): The Proactivity Project is a youth-led group that aims to provide mentorship, leadership, and empowerment opportunities to youth within the Peel Region. They hope to advance their mission by hosting a two-day conference for youth ages 14 and up. The conference will focus on personal exploration and self-development, financial literacy, interpersonal skills, as well as feminism and gender discrimination in the workplace.
  5. Let’s Art It Out is a project that will provide youth between the ages of 10-18 access to learn various art techniques such as painting, drawing, sculpting, etc. It will provide youth the opportunity to have a valuable art experience outside of their academic and personal lives. The workshops will provide youth in Caledon and Brampton with a healthy outlet to unleash their artistic abilities, develop and grow self, as well as encourage positive mental health.
  6. Mindful March Break: For Youth by Youth is a youth-led initiative that involves a series of 5 free workshops surrounding youth mindfulness and mental health awareness during the March Break period. Topics of discussion will include: Building Healthy Relationships, Body Image / Positivity, Self Esteem, Emotional Wellbeing / Motivation, and Stress / Resiliency.
  7. Cipher is a code-oriented community within the Peel Region, whose goal is to introduce programming literacy to secondary school students by hosting a “Local Hack Day”. The event will provide students in the Peel Region with a platform to network and collaborate with one another, as well as learn new programming skills that are becoming more prominent as basic literacy in the digital age.
  8. PEYA’s Amazing Green Race is a project targeted towards youth to provide them with the opportunity to learn various aspects of sustainable living such as: improving local food security, raising awareness about mental health well-being, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle through factors such as using public transportation.
  9. Ink Movement is a youth-led, non-profit organization that encourages self-expression within various forms of art. This year, the team is planning to host the rethINK History conference that will showcase art throughout history. The conference provides a platform for emerging artists to explore their artistic abilities and allows youth to use art as a healthy outlet and coping mechanism for positive mental health.
  10.  Project #Unity is created by students for students with the vision to increase unity and inclusivity within the Clarkson Secondary School. The project is needed to help students explore wellness activities, interact more and be more social through workshops, mentoring relationships with other organizations within Peel, and creation of a Unity Wall in the school.
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