Youth Campaigns

Every year, youth across Peel Region help raise money for United Way of Peel Region. Now it's easier than ever before!

The Youth Campaign Guide will teach you more about United Way of Peel Region, give you the tools for fundraising, and share ideas for great youth campaigns.

Together we can improve lives, strengthen neighbourhoods, and make our community better for everyone.

When you run a United Way of Peel Region Youth Campaign through your school or youth group, you accomplish so much, including:

  • Completing the 40 hours of community service you need to graduate while spending time with your friends
  • Gaining experience in event planning, project management and fundraising; great addition to your resume!
  • Raising money for our community
  • Learning more about issues in our community and sharing that knowledge with your friend

If you are running a United Way campaign, please let us know!

After completing your campaign please update us with all the relative information regarding your campaign.

For more information, please contact 905-602-3623 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

United Way of Peel Region