Join thousands of people, including other business and organizational leaders, that are helping to build a better future for individuals, families and neighbourhoods in our community. There are many ways to get involved:

Run a United Way Community Fund workplace campaign.

Running a United Way campaign in your workplace not only raises essential resources for our community, it helps build strong teams, boosts morale, and unites employees in an inspirational cause.

Give a corporate gift.

Help build a strong and thriving environment in which to attract business and recruit and retain top talent. Instill employee pride in your organization by demonstrating your commitment to our community.

Make a referral.

Introduce us to other business leaders who may be interested in supporting United Way.

Run a Leadership Giving campaign.

Leadership donations ($1,000+) provide significant resources to improve lives in our community.




Make a personal gift.

A personal donation of a Leadership or Major Individual Gift to United Way's Community Fund is a tangible demonstration of your commitment to the wellbeing and vitality of our community. There are many ways to give, including gifts of publicly traded securities.

Send us a Loaned Representative.

Loan or sponsor a rising star or two from your employee group to work alongside our fundraising staff for 16 weeks in the fall. They will gain skills and experience and return to your workplace inspired and energized with a deeper understanding of our community and the impact of workplace investment in United Way.

Become a United Way sponsor

There are several sponsorship opportunities available, including publications, events, and the Loaned Representative program. Sponsorship helps keep our costs low while providing your organization with a unique opportunity for exposure.

Participate in a Day of Caring.

This eye-opening experience gives employees from organizations in our community the opportunity to help out at a United Way funded agency for a day. There are also many other opportunities to volunteer at United Way.