When you invest in your community through United Way you can trust that your dollars are being strategically invested where they are needed most:

  • United Way supports a network of 56 human services agencies and funds 100 programs and services.
  • United Way brings together all areas of community – business, government, labour, academia, school boards and others – to address social issues at the root cause level and develop effective, long-term strategies.
  • United Way’s Community Investments team adds tremendous value to your donation. They develop a highly targeted investment strategy based on in-depth knowledge of social issues, extensive research, awareness of community need and an ability to identify, address and alleviate existing gaps.
  • United Way measures outcomes in its investment areas and reports these back to donors. We have rigorous standards of excellence for performance and report outcomes annually.

Your support changes lives

  • Last year you helped 12,775 people get back on their feet by providing access to food, emergency shelter and transitional housing supports.
  • Last year you helped: 33,413 children and youth access programs that kept them engaged, developed their confidence and prepared them to succeed.
  • Last year you helped: 57,926 people who have been abused including women, children, seniors and men.
  • Last year, you helped 68,596 people face and overcome personal challenges related to mental health and disabilities.

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NOTE: Outcome numbers are based on information provided by agencies. Individuals who have accessed services at multiple agencies may have been counted more than once.