Many know United Way as a fundraising organization, investing in programs and services delivered through social service agencies. But money alone doesn’t stimulate change.

Collective efforts that lead to systemic policy changes, influence changes in public attitudes and generate community-wide advocacy efforts do.

United Way is at its best in bringing together community members, government, businesses, organizations and social service agencies and mobilizing them around the complex social issues that are having the greatest impact on Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga.

We don’t just scratch the surface of social issues by using band-aid solutions. Together, we dig deeper to identify the underlying root causes of social issues and to generate long-term, sustainable solutions that positively impact the emotional and social wellbeing, education and financial stability of everyone who lives in the Region of Peel.

We seek solutions that resonate with individuals, organizations and businesses that see their investments of time, expertise and money as life-altering for their communities. Social change is a community issue and it takes the efforts of many to make an impact.

We seek public policy changes at all levels of government for systemic policy changes that will lead to greater opportunities for those in the community who are struggling. We invest in innovative and responsive social programs and services that are well positioned to meet the immediate needs of individuals and families and we monitor and measure the impact of both short-term and long-term solutions to ensure they are meeting the goals that were set.

Given our national presence as an organization, we leverage the learnings of others across the country and we share our ‘wins’ so that we can maximize our collective understanding of what is working well and where greater research, advocacy or investment strategies are needed.

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